Aquarius Rises Again

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 5:17 PM

My eco-fiction trilogy, Aquarius Rising, was originally published by Double Dragon eBooks. To my shock, Book 1 of the series, In the Tears of God, won EPIC's eBook Award for Science Fiction. Book 2, Blood Tide, won the Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for Science Fiction. It was certainly a bummer when Double Dragon decided to close their digital doors...but it also presented an opportunity.

I decided to release all three books of the trilogy via Kindle Direct Publishing in one, consolidated volume. This gave me a chance to add some additional content I'd always wanted to include, and it also gave me the chance to collaborate with two of my sons. What a blast! My oldest, Cormac, did a wonderful job creating original cover art, and my youngest, Ryan, created a separate illustration for each of the three books.

I'm thrilled with the result, and excited to have the books back out there on Amazon. Please check it out...and if you admire the artwork, I'll pass that along to the boys! ;-)

Aquarius Rising: The Complete Trilogy