Tales from the Deep Launches

Monday, October 17, 2022 5:59 PM

Flying Ketchup Press has released their latest anthology, Tales from the Deep, on Amazon. I'm thrilled to have my short story "Neptune's Children" included! Here is how the editor, Polly Alice McCann, describes this collection:

From an apocalyptic ocean, to the empty void of space, from the ghosts in the human psyche to the center of the Earth. In “Tales from the Deep” asks questions answered best in the dark. Artist Alex Eickhoff brings these short hybrid fictions to life. Don't dip your toes in these waters unless you have the courage to face what's waiting underneath where you’ll dive deep into dystopian futures, water worlds, and alien planets. Twelve international authors reveal evocative awakenings and acts of courage. You'll visit a doctor in the high mountains of Persia, dive into the microbiology of alien moons, then foray into the dark recesses of the lives of warriors deep underground. Meet fantastical deep space travelers, cyborg creatures, and adventurers of all kinds.

The original artwork, for the cover and for each story in the anthology, is amazing. Kudos to Alex Eickhoff for vividly capturing the essence of each tale! Check it out for yourself: Tales from the Deep