Brian Burt - Speculative Fiction

Short Stories

This site contains an assortment of previously published (and some exclusive) short stories, a mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I hope you'll find something that fits your taste!  Story summaries (and links) are listed below.

The Last Indian War - Joseph Soaring-Hawk had seen it happen too many times: human colonists destroying an alien race in their haste to grab another planet.  This time, he would find a way to stop it... no matter what the cost.  (This story won the L.Ron Hubbard Gold Award and was originally published in Writers of the Future Volume VIII.)

Phantom Pain - In New Orleans, the Devil buys on the layaway plan. If someone stole everything you loved, what price would you pay for revenge?  (This story was originally published in Talebones and received an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Tenth Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.)

The Brilliant Blood of Souls - Morpheus killed women in a way that the L.A. press found eerily romantic. Algernon Harris knew better... and only he could stop Morpheus from consuming the essence of the woman he loved.  (This story was originally published in Talebones.)

Chrysalis - The most courageous sacrifice a human being can make is to give his life for the lives of others... but the Synobians were not human. Would you give your death to save your species?  (This story was originally published in E-scape.)

Soul or Eclipse - The inner lights of the people of Munson were being eaten away by some primeval darkness.  Only Lita Hoile could see it happening... but could she stop it?  (This story was originally published in Talebones.)

Equinox - When day and night meet as equals, when light and darkness battle for the soul of the world, the Black Spring of Ojibwa legend has arrived. (This story was originally published in E-scape.)

Time Bomb - It is a terrible thing to lose the person you love most in the universe to a monster... but to see it happen timeline after timeline was more than Elias Rochon could bear.  To save her, he would have to risk his life a thousand times and grapple with a madman on the brink of Never-Was.  (This story was originally published in albedo one and won the magazine's Readers Poll.)

Climbing Jacob's Ladder - Raghib was determined to raise his family up the Ladder to Heaven... but he would have to fight his way through the Helldragons to get there.  (This story was originally published in Planet Magazine and was reprinted in Figment.)

Special Forces - Special Forces are the key to winning the war on terrorism... but some forces are more special than you can possibly imagine.  (This story is exclusively available on this web site and was written in a burst of patriotic fervor following the tragic events of September 11, 2001.)

Mr. Bates Goes to Washington - This is my first (and probably last ;-) attempt at political satire.  We so often hear politicians claim that government would be much better if it were just "run like a business."  What if we took them at their word?  (This story is exclusively available on this web site and was not published previously.)

Lianhan Shee - A potent god could survive one betrayal.  She could not survive a second... unless betrayal was her specialty. (This story will soon appear in its entirety in the anthology Otherworld Hearts from Epic Saga Publishing.)

Storm Rider - Hurricane Diablo stole everything from Rick Harvey. Now, he’ll face a hundred storms to find a way to lay his ghosts to rest. (This story is included in the Anthology House collection published by ASEI Arts. All profits go to Habitat for Humanity's "Habitat Hammers Back" initiative to help rebuild homes destroyed by 2017 hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.)

Resurrection Trust - There were plenty of things to kill a desperate young poacher like Rigel on the Rez... but might he also find a path to a better life? (This short story is included in the Resurrection Trust anthology featuring stories about sustainable societies from the Green Stories writing competition.)

Snow Globe - The Snow Globe drifts between the floating cities of Lake Superior, bringing Christmas dreams to the children of LSAN… until pirates threaten to extinguish the light of Santa’s spirit forever. (This short story is included in the Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Winters anthology published by World Weaver Press.)

Mist at Twilight - Dr. Tammy Bryant agonizes over losing her father to the cruel clutches of Alzheimer’s. She’d do anything to bring him back to her… but the flame that flares brighter burns faster. (This short story is included in the Tales from the Dream Zone anthology published by Flying Ketchup Press.)